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Our new book  ‘A Leader’s Guide to ThriveAbility is now available direct from the publisher, as well as on Amazon worldwide. Please click here for your copy.

Early Praise for ’A Leader’s Guide to ThriveAbility’

“When Interface started its journey in 1994 to become a restorative enterprise — meaning to achieve business success with no negative impact — there was no handbook to help us find our way towards that outrageous goal: the top of Mount Sustainability, as our founder Ray Anderson used to call this. We think the ‘Leaders Guide to ThriveAbility’ helps today’s leaders to climb their own Mount Sustainability, and support the thriving of their own employees and organisation, as well as the world.”

Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development, Interface Benelux


“The investment community and big business need “integrated thinking” at every level. This is central to delivering a sustainable, positive and regenerative role in the economy. It is also fundamental to capitalism’s social license to operate. The ThriveAbility operating system is a serious first step toward that.”

Dr Steve Waygood – Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors


“Amidst rising global expectations of what constitutes responsible business, incremental improvement must give way to a transformational approach to corporate valuation and value creation. In the future, the valuation of a company must accord parity to all forms of capital. The ThriveAbility Index, which embraces integrated decision-making and innovation, is a potentially major contribution toward closing the gap between contemporary practices and societal expectations.”

Allen White – Co-Founder and Former CEO of GRI, (Global Reporting Initiative), Founder and Cochair of Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings


“The amount of information in there is fantastic and I would say it is a masterpiece with a new holistic theoretical framework that could support innovation and transformation in business and society. The ThriveAbility approach makes a valuable and refreshing contribution to current debates and policy developments to go beyond economic growth, prosperity and sustainability.


The new holistic theoretical framework and strong connection with practice, stresses the importance of eco-effectiveness while creating beneficial additionalties. The authors were daring enough to renew language in order to create the possibility for positive thinking and the adding of true quality in our life. Hopefully it will inspire people and organizations to renew things in a progressive and pragmatic way. Leaders, small and great, can realise the so needed ThriveAbility transition and bring humanity back.”

Dr Michael Braungart – Co-Founder of Cradle to Cradle


“ThriveAbility brilliantly captures what every leader, every business and every change-agent should embrace – a positive vision of how we can flourish as enterprises, as communities and as people. ThriveAbility is what I would call one of the “sustainable frontiers”, where we let go of industrial models and cultural norms that are no longer fit-for-purpose; where we re-imagine organisations and redesign technologies to turn bureaucracies into holocracies and limits into innovations. ThriveAbility is the opposite of denial; it is positive engagement with challenges and proactive creation of solutions.”

Dr Wayne Visser, Director of Kaleidoscope Futures and author of Sustainable Frontiers


“I am excited about this book.  For the past 15 years, I and my teams have been working alongside many others to help drill in to the heads of everyday business people that ‘business and consumption as usual’ is not sustainable, and that innovating our way out of the dead end we’re headed toward represents a huge opportunity for those companies seeking to build real and lasting relationships with their customers in the future.  Our effort has not been to suggest that the goal is simple sustainability, as that would be less than fully human — our goal once people understand that the status quo is on the verge of breaking down — is to enable the world forward toward a flourishing future for all of us.  More and more of us around the world are coming to understand that our current reality is unsustainable and are now anxious to answer the question: “what do we do about it?”  A Leader’s Guide to ThriveAbility offers a sound theoretic and technical roadmap to help us achieve the real goal which is for companies to learn how to ‘enhance the ThriveAbility of itself and all its stakeholders.” Deeply well researched and a remarkable synthesis of the front edge of our knowledge about eco-systems and businesses’ impact on them, as well as about what it means to aspire to a world where we are each encouraged to be truly human and truly thriving, A Leader’s Guide to Sustainability joins my list of must reads for anyone entertaining the prospect of being involved with 21st century business — and that means everyone!”

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO Sustainable Life Media, producers of Sustainable Brands