The Four Phases of the ThriveAbility Journey


The role of the ThriveAbility Foundation is to enable key decision makers to maximise the thrival of every single one of the key stakeholders in and around their organisation. There are four phases in the ThriveAbility Journey connecting in 2015:

  1. Phase 1 – Enabling Phase – ThriveAbility Assessments
  2. Phase 2 – Activation Phase – Developing Industry Boundaries and Benchmarks – Instigate ThriveAble Innovation Programs
  3. Phase 3 – Indexing Phase – ThriveAbility Index Measurement and Launch
  4. Phase 4 – Operationalization Phase – ThriveAbility Index Updates on a yearly basis and toolkits for ThriveAble Innovation Portfolio Management


We do this through the following key work streams in each of the four phases of development:


    Providing a detailed assessment of the stage of maturity of an organization in its journey through six stages, from a compliance driven approach to sustainability to being a role model for the implementation of ThriveAbility global good practice. This assessment is based on the 95 leading indicators derived from the ThriveAbility Index research base, and also offers an analysis of strengths, areas for improvement and possible strategies for breakthrough to the next stage of maturity.


    Applying the latest insights into human development and the appropriate transformational tools to create irresistible shifts in the human systems that are the core of every organization. By measuring and making recommendations based upon resonance, alignment and coherence in individuals, teams and organisations, we are able to help decision makers dramatically improve the success rate of their change initiatives. Our “Delta teams” are fully trained in integral psychology, organisational transformation and change initiatives, as well as dozens of other critical disciplines needed to make change happen elegantly, and make it stick.


    Integrating the most significant indicators that enable decision makers to both determine the viability of their current business model and identify the pathways of innovation and transformation that ensure the thrival of all key stakeholders in the longer term. The ThriveAbility Index is a global public good paid for by its core stakeholder members in the ThriveAbility Foundation, and will provide the world’s first Index that makes it possible to compare results between all organisations everywhere.

The THRIVEABILITY CUBE is a way of bringing together the different ingredients needed to create a thriving global civilisation on a thriving planet by enabling business and civil society to accurately measure their THRIVEABILITY FACTOR and use that to prioritise their investments and innovations accordingly in a balanced scorecard framework.

The key to the THRIVEABILITY CUBE is that enables us to measure together in one place for the first time all of these ingredients and make it clear how they contribute to outcomes that are comparable. As we build the ThriveAbility Foundation and ecosystem, we will develop THRIVEABILITY INDICES from micro to macro, with a particular initial focus on a THRIVEABILITY INDEX FOR EACH INDUSTRY SECTOR

How the ThriveAbility Cube Works


Three axes that integrate different kinds of measurements of key variables that make the difference between unsustainable & thriving worlds.

  • The Z-Axis- Micro to Macro

    On the diagonal Z-Axis we are able to apply measurements at different levels of scale, from the individual through organizations and nations to the planet itself.

  • The Y-Axis- Industry Impacts

    On the vertical Y-Axis we measure the impact of the ten major industry global supply chains on the planet and its people, from deeply negative to net positive.

  • The X-Axis- Human Thriving

    On the horizontal X-Axis, the thriving, struggling and suffering of human beings is measured, along with their capacity to change and grow through each stage of development in healthy ways that have more thriveable outcomes.

All those ingredients – from the x, y and z-axes – enable us to design a ThriveAbility factor – using what is called ThriveAbility calculus – for each and every entity that we can find from the micro to the macro scale, from individuals, towns and cities to global organisations.

  • ThriveAbility Factor ≤ .05

    You are definitely not prepared for climate change and all the other massive disruptions down the line, nor are you innovating to deal with those challenges. Your organization is at risk and perhaps your industry.

  • ThriveAbility Factor ≤ 1

    You are neither sustainable nor resilient at whatever scale we are measuring, but you are improving and reducing negative impacts. You will need to deliver breakthroughs to gain competitive advantage and ensure organizational longevity.

  • ThriveAbility Factor ≥ 1 – 1.5

    You are part of creating a thriving future because you not only create net positive impact but you are regenerative in terms of most of the six IIRC capitals, enhancing human, social, intellectual, natural (eco-systems), financial and manufactured capital. Right now you are also something of a rarity in organizational terms.

As we calculate ThriveAbility Factors we develop a ThriveAbility Index for each industry and sub-category. Each index represents a normalisation of who is leading in an industry and who is lagging, and all those in between. The index will evolve as we understand and calibrate each sector and industry.