The ThriveAbility Foundation

The ThriveAbility Foundation is a UK registered charity whose mission is to support the development of a ThriveAbility Index that enables decision makers in both business and civil society as well as investors, to design and select investments and business models that will deliver a green, inclusive economy by 2050.

The ThriveAbility Index is designed to be global public good, and will be held in perpetuity by the ThriveAbility Foundation through its intellectual property subsidiary ThriveAbility Knowledge Ltd, to assure the independence and quality of the Index.

The ThriveAbility Assessments and ThriveAbility Pathways are run by ThriveAbility Global Ltd, a socially entrepreneurial arm of the ThriveAbility Foundation. ThriveAbility Global Ltd forms the core of an intense “co-evolutionary center” that encourages a high quality ecosystem of core stakeholders. The ThriveAbility Governance Model ensures the comparability, scalability and reliability of what ThriveAbility has to offer the world while ensuring that our ThriveAbility business ecosystem partners flourish.

The ThriveAbility Index begins with a baseline of global data integrated through the ThriveAbility Cube, building on the work already done by outstanding pioneers in the fields of environmental, social and governance research. The four categories of Planet, People & Principle, Purpose and True Profit and Pathways of Innovation and Transformation are integrated through the algorithms in the ThriveAbility Cube and the ThriveAbility Assessments, as set out below.